Canned sardines


South African sardines are caught in the waters off the Southern African coast and canned locally. Lucky Star canned sardines undergo intense inspection and quality control processes before being distributed. They are the only locally produced sardine products and the leading brand in this market sector.

Lucky Star sardines are available in 120 g flat aluminium cans, with convenient ring-pull lids and come in the following delicious variants:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Water, with salt added
  • Smoked flavoured

Sardines in Brine

South African Sardines in Water, Salt added

Smoked sardines

South African Sardines Smoked Flavoured, Vegetable Oil added


South African Sardines are small silvery fish with a single dorsal fin located over the middle of the body, a forked caudal fin and a keel of large spiny scales along the belly. Sardinops sagax exhibits widely scattered dark spots along the sides. Radiating striae on the operculum (the hard bony flap that covers and protects the gills), distinguishes this species from other members of this family in the region. Typically the size processed is approximately 21 cm.